MiniDUE Limescale Prevention


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MiniDUE is a revolutionary patented self priming Antiscale dosing pump designed to protect your boiler or whole house from the damaging effects of limescale.


Guaranteed limescale prevention and 100% safe drinking water.

The MiniDUE uses vacuum packed easy fit refills for fuss free exchange.  No need to isolate the water supply.

MiniDUE is a self-priming mechanical volumetric pump activated by the water flow.  As a result it needs no power supply and will provide limescale prevention for your boiler, water heater or whole house.

The pump is operated by a turbine which transmits the movement to a special cam shaft enabling the liquid to rise from the tank to the injection valve where it is mixed with the water flow.

AcquaSIL 2/15® is a liquid solution of 100% safe food grade polyphosphates specific for drinking water treatment.  It prevents the formation of scale deposits and prevents the corrosion of metal components. 

Additional benefits of AcquaSIL 2/15® is the ability to slowly dissolve old limescale deposits restoring encrusted surfaces.

As MiniDUE uses a 100% food safe liquid we guarantee that MiniDUE will not cause sludge build-up or deposits which can reduce system efficiency. You will get a 100% accurate metered dose with no over dose or under dose situations.

Supplied with 1/2″ BSP connections for easy installation onto either horizontal or vertical pipe using the rotational mounting block.

MiniDUE is supplied with the first easy fit 250gram refill bag free.