Immersion Heater Spanner


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Immersion Heater Spanner


Universal immersion heater spanner, box type spanner, for the swift removal of both unvented and domestic style immersion heaters.

The beauty of the box spanner style is that it can be used on all tanks where the hexagonal nut of the immersion heater is recessed below the level of the insulation, which ordinarily may stop the use of the standard spanner being used due to poor access.

The immersion heater spanner has a rigid steel bar which slots into the holes on the top of the spanner to assist in removal and refitting of the immersion heater.

Our Immersion heater spanner also has a cable cut out in the base to allow the immersion heater to be removed without damage to the cable.

* Always isolate the electrical supply prior to undertaking any work. *